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Disc Brake Conversion Kits

Disc Brake Conversion Kits for 1949-1957 Classic Chevy Cars

Stop with confidence. Convert to disc brakes! Modern disc brakes stop so much better than the 4-wheel drum brakes that were standard on your classic Chevy. Fortunately, you can upgrade to disc brakes with a conversion kit from Bob's Classic Chevy. We have front disc brake kits for all 1949-57 full-size Chevrolets, plus four-wheel disc brakes for 1955-57 models. In most cases, you can retain the stock appearance. Or you can lower your car two inches with a drop-spindle kit.

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1955-57 Bel Air Front Drop-Spindle  Disc Brake Kit
Priced from: $679.88

Oct 1, 2014
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